Wednesday January 13, 2021

Dear clients and customers, we congratulate you with the Old New Year!

Old NEW YEAR, a rather strange combination for people who are not familiar with Slavic history and traditions. On the night of January 13-14, in some countries of the former USSR and not only there is an unofficial holiday under an unusual name. The Old New Year, although not a reason for a weekend or a red day of the calendar, is celebrated by the inhabitants of our country. However, not everyone knows that in fact the Old New Year is a historical holiday, formed "through the fault" of the discrepancy between the old and new calendars. Let's plunge a little into history and remember what this holiday is and why we love to celebrate it so much, albeit formally.

As and when there was a holiday?

At the very end of the 15th century (in 1492), the date of the beginning of the New Year was officially determined in Russia. This date was September 1 and held out in its new "position" for a little more than two centuries. The changes were made by Peter the Great, when in 1700 he issued a decree on the beginning of a new chronology from January 1. January 1 was the fourteenth in the "new style".

By the beginning of the twentieth century, those in power seriously thought about switching from the obsolete Julian to the Gregorian calendar, which had long been used with success in Europe. And so it happened: in 1918, the decree of the Council of People's Commissars, by its law, realized the long-standing dreams of the people and officially transferred the chronology in the country to the Gregorian version of the calendar, which is also commonly called in a simple way "new style". The Julian is a thing of the past, so the "old style" January 14 in its current position would coincide with the first day of the year. It was 1918 and the decision of the Council of People's Commissars that can be considered the birthday of the holiday called Old New Year.

We congratulate you on this holiday and wish that this and all subsequent years were filled with kindness and sincerity, we wish that comfort and love always reign in your home, we wish you good health and happiness! We are always happy to try for you! Thank you, dear customers, for trusting us for 55 years, and we, in turn, will also try to please you for the next at least 55 years.

The team of the Minsk Soft Drinks Factory

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